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There is a high demand for steel structural elements in various industries. It is in the production of this type of products that the Polish company Perfopol specializes in, which has been operating on the domestic market for many years. We can offer you articles such as, for example, perforated Sheets, which are manufactured in our modern industrial plant. We have large presses that allow you to make any type of perforation on the surface of the sheet. In our rich offer, of course, there could be elements such as, for example, steel braided mesh, which are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. These nets are made of stainless steel, which is additionally resistant to strong acids. We also offer products such as industrial rubber sieves, as well as perforated working platforms and ladder rungs. Perfopol offers both perforated Sheets and other structural elements of its own production at very affordable prices. Our offer has been expanded to include products such as the modern industrial clothing line, which guarantees employees not only safety but also adequate comfort.

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