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Functional wedge wire screens

Perfopol offers metal products and services for customers from different countries. Its large assortment includes solid wedge wire screens used in chemical, mining and food industries. These items can serve as elements that help in sortin, sifting, drainage and filtering procedures. Each wedge wire screen is a solid product resistant to damage and excessive wear. Production process uses modern production technologies. They include welding of profiles made of stainless steel with additional supportive profiles. They have got many applications in different industrial branches, so Perfopol is able to realize individual projects of wedge wire screens. This offer includes creation of solid screens and the whole machines (e.g. sorter) framed according to technical documentation and sketches supplied by customer. It is important to mention that all screens are made according to strict international quality and safety norms. The maximum possible size of a screen reaches the level of 2000 x 2500 mm.

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